The Best Home & Garden Deal of Wednesday (October 29)

  1. *Home Collection Vertical Blinds from Select Blinds. Price: $85.94. Discount: 35%. Categories: Home decor, Accesories, Blinds. Deal Rating: 4.7 stars. Store Rating: 4 stars. Deal Recommendation: Recommended. Available Until: Not specified. Thoughts: Select Blinds offers a wide choise of different types of blinds. The item has a positive feedback from customers. Check the site to get a good deal for your home.
  2. *WBM Himalayan Natural Air Purifying Salt Lamp from Amazon. Price: $51.50. Discount: $28.45. Categories: Home decor, Lighting. Accesories. Deal Rating: 4.5 stars. Store Rating: 5 stars. Deal Recommendation: Recommended. Available Until: not specified, only 5 left in stock. Thoughts: Save on home decor item today. This is a hot deal from Amazon to add to your home decor collection.

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